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Welcome to Scholars Portal

What is the Scholars Portal Books Platform?

The Scholars Portal Books platform is designed to provide a single interface for accessing digital texts from multiple content providers. With a single-search, you can find newly published material from some of the world's more important scholarly publishers. You can follow citation links to explore different treatments of topics and explore historical dimensions of many topics by searching through an extensive collection of digitized books.

What books are in the collections?

This collection of electronic books contains recent books from scholarly publishers that have been selected by your library to support the research and teaching mission of your university.

In addition to commercial eBooks, the system contains about 400,000 public domain texts drawn from the collections of Ontario's 21 university libraries, which have been scanned and digitized for online reading and downloading by the Open Content Alliance in partnership with the Internet Archive. These texts are available both to members of the Ontario university community and to the public at large.

The project was made possible by support from the Government of Ontario through the OntarioBuys initiative and through the efforts of your library and the Ontario Council of University Libraries.

Isn't all of this available for free on the Internet?

Search engines can point you to a lot of our content, but your library makes it possible for you to access most of these books through subscriptions and licensing fees. With Scholars Portal, university libraries have built a service that allows for searching, reading, and archiving of purchased content. Because of this infrastructure, future generations of scholars will be able to access the same content regardless of shifts in the publishing world or changes in your local library's subscription policies.

Who can use Scholars Portal?

Scholars Portal was developed for faculty and students at Ontario's 21 universities, and its licensed books are available to all staff and students eligible to use their library resources. As of 2014, content from the Association of Canadian University Presses is also available to some institutions outside of Ontario.

Scholars Portal Books also hosts public domain content scanned at the Internet Archive as well as open access books, which can be accessed and used by anyone in the world.

Who runs Scholars Portal?

Scholars Portal is the service arm of the Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL), which collaborates to provide digital collections and services. A committee drawn from the member libraries governs Scholars Portal. All of our services are housed and managed from facilities in Robarts Library at the University of Toronto.